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Biologix CBD Extract Inventory from Their Winter 2019 Hemp Harvest Now Available to Wholesale Buyers

Having shown commendable growth in the hemp/cannabinoid market, Biologix has now announced the availability of CBD products from their winter 2019 harvest.

BAKERSFIELD, California, January 17, 2020 – A premier California-based provider of full spectrum t-free CBD and CBG products, Biologix has shown immense yield in the past year. Working hard to achieve the entire seed-to-sale process for strict quality control, the company has announced the product availability from their 2019 winter hemp harvest. Having harvested 2 million pounds of t-free hemp biomass, the company is offering wholesale extracts and dried flower from their superior CBD hemp cultivars that are recognized on a global level.


Jacob Chavez, Biologix’s CEO made an official press statement “Here at Biologix, we are striving to be a leader in hemp genetics. Having a vertically integrated ecosystem, we are able to fully control the product and the experience that we provide to our partners. We combine the most advanced technology with cutting-edge genetics to create optimum yields all year round that is not only quickly multiplying in quantity, but also unmatched in quality.”


Jacob further added “Our entire inventory of CBD extracts and dry hemp products from the 2019 winter harvest is now available for buyers. Being seed-to-sale partners means we oversee every step of the process to ensure utmost quality control, along with a final product that not only exceeds industry standards, but is quickly setting the bar.”


Being the very first, and one of few California-based companies to pass complete testing under county regulations, Biologix works with a strong focus on innovation. With their in-house genetics team working hard to create state-of-art hemp cultivars, the company is destined to be a leader in the consumer goods market with their quality cannabinoid products.


More details and inventory can be seen on the official website at http://biologix.co/.


About Biologix:


From the rich soils of the Central Valley of California, Biologix is growing some of the finest hemp plants in the world. With tremendous experience and an impressive alignment with top agricultural practitioners, marketing specialists, business consultants, specialized company synergies and universities, the company has scaled up its operation to meet the ever-increasing global demand for CBD, CBG and other cannabinoid products.


With its vertically integrated business model, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on a global market that is expected to exceed $22 billion by 2020. With a fully streamlined ecosystem from initial genetic development, seeding, farm management, and harvesting to drying, extraction, development and final production, the company offers a diverse portfolio of refined and raw products that cater to a large consumer demographic.


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